Discovery Behavioral Health is inclusive, which means we provide recovery-focused resources from outpatient behavioral treatment and prevention to 24 hours per day, 365 days per year crisis services to individuals, families, couples, support systems, and the community.


Strengthening the lives of individuals and families strengthens our society. Our comprehensive, evidence-based programs and services are designed to give individuals and families the courage to overcome adversity and empower them to meet their recovery goals.


At Discovery Behavioral Health, we understand social and cultural differences. We meet the needs of thousands of children, adolescents, seniors, and their families each year, and we treat each individual with dignity and respect, without question.


Our clients may face life issues and disease, but continue on their road to recovery despite adversity, encouraging each other. Our staff and volunteers work to encourage positive change. Our Board makes difficult decisions and leads the organization in order to answer community needs, despite stigma and financial challenges.


We seek and cultivate relationships with community partners, including healthcare organizations, schools, faith organizations, neighborhoods, and many others. We listen to the community, and with their support, we are able to provide exceptional prevention, intervention, treatment, and health and human services.